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LED Display Five New Applications


LED Display Five New Applications

1.LED Display indoor applications

Hyun Where? Small indoor pitch technology used, not only as a display that shows some information, videos, etc., can also be combined with the Internet, networking, interaction between such person and the screen will be more and more interaction unlimited.

Difficulties? To cut indoor applications market, small spacing LED technology to meet the requirements of six aspects: how to achieve "low-light high-ash", how to match the standard resolution source, how to support system access and significantly more control signals, complex signals how to solve the problems of small spacing display unique, how to eliminate the patchwork and high-speed correction, how to reduce the rate of dead lights, to ensure the stability of the screen body. Also, note that the outdoor display is to sell products, emphasis on how much to sell 1 square meter, but the indoor display is sold as a whole solution.

2.LED Display Digital Marketing

Hyun Where? As a typical tool of digital marketing, digital signage has outstanding attributes of data and network properties. According to Digital Advertising Association (DPAA) related survey data show that as early as 2013, advertising on digital media usage grew entities reached $ 1.1 billion. Industrial users desire for digital media has become an important driving force for growth in the digital signage market. Including digital marketing and creative content, appearance and creative aspects.

Difficulties? How to improve the efficiency of the ad exists difficulty of the problem: the need for considerable investment in the market, in order to enable users to find the information or content required; can not be customized for all audiences, receiving, and viewing content is the same. Screen splicing problems exist, to ensure that the viewing screen and the overall appearance.

3.LED Display Mobile Media

Hyun Where? As a mobile ad platform, the use of LED advertising mobile media player car regarded as unique and creative, it skillfully combines the big screen with the car, three-dimensional video animation, rich and diverse content, real-time display graphic information can be mobile advertising, its wide range of publicity, you can get the most effective advertising campaign.

Difficulties? Because LED car mobile media applications are outdoors, so to face the harsh outdoor environment, which also display waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-exposure performance presents certain challenges. Meanwhile, in order to ensure the normal playback screen, you must ensure stable voltage, otherwise it will cause the body of the screen play is not normal. Secondly, as a display car carrier during the move, it will inevitably produce shaking vibrations, which also display the seismic capacity of a strict requirements. There, LED mobile media car light pollution complaints in recent years, an increasing trend. Light pollution is mainly caused by problems with the brightness during the day and then lit display, people will not feel dazzling, but at night, the display is too bright will affect people's lives, and even affect the normal running of the driver.

4.LED Car Screen

Hyun Where? LED Car screen as a new information medium can store large amounts of text messages, built-in microprocessor to control the text display font, to achieve timing display functions. Whether Bus LED Car screen, LED Car screen or taxi, they all have wide audience, market potential common characteristics.

Difficulties? Due to the special application environment, LED car display product requires moisture, rain, lightning, sun, dust, cold, anti-corrosion, anti-static, anti-interference, seismic, anti-UV, anti-oxidation, both over-current, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage protection.

5.LED Display projection

Hyun Where? LED projector is a tempting blue ocean for LED display enterprises. Compared with the traditional projector, LED projector has many advantages: long life, energy saving and environmental protection. Because longevity LED projector, heat a small, high reliability, to bring their machine maintenance, after-sales costs far less than traditional projector. Small, portable, feature-rich, and commonly used in digital devices have strong interoperability. Work life balance, when work is our work assistant, doing business presentations, small meetings anytime, anywhere; put to work to carry a pocket to take home, whether it is connected set-top box to watch TV, then DVD or watching movies, or pick on PSP, Wii, X-BOX game to play, none of these problems.

Difficulties? Currently Pocket Projector larger size, can not be considered truly portable projector. High energy consumption (20-30W or higher), difficult to use and portable battery-powered, portable should be done less than 5-10W. High cost and no clear market positioning.

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