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Full-color LED display Huaping panic


Full-color LED display Huaping panic

Do the following five elements, because full color LED display Huaping not display a variety of reasons.
1, LED display the video can not be displayed
Solution: Check the electronic display power supply is normal, whether there is a strong electric 220V input

2, LED display is not normal, Huaping
(1) LED control card parameter settings are correct, there is no signal transmitted to the electronic display LED control card;
(2) the communication line is normal communication, LED control card Check whether a signal input;
(3) LED Control Card 5V power supply is normal;

3, the electronic display portion Screen display is not normal, such as black, Huaping
Solution: Check the body of the screen display is abnormal power source is working; a signal transmission line failure; Screen single module failure.
A. output in question
1, the detection signal is output to the output interface IC line is connected or short circuit.
2, the detection output clock latch signal is normal.
3, the detection of the last drive-level data even if the data output port and the output interface IC between the port connection or short circuit.

4, chassis cooling is not good, resulting in temperature rise due to the graphics card.
Workaround: Exclude heat.
Check fan is functioning properly, to the fan refueling, clean up the dust inside the chassis, failure can be ruled out to solve the heat problem.

5, reinstall the system, video card or monitor does not support high resolution due.
(1) Restart your computer, press the F8 key continuously, the Advanced Boot menu, select to enter "safe mode" Enter the landing system, then enter the display settings in the windows, selecting color 16 status, click the "Apply" button, click "OK. "button.
(2) Restart the computer in normal windows mode, enter the Device Manager, delete the graphics drivers, restart the computer.

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