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How to choose the hotel LED display


How to choose the hotel LED display

Indoor LED screen, because a good display and visual experience in large hotels and supermarkets more eligible for advertisers of all ages. Then select the hotel ballroom LED display should pay attention to what matters?
Usually in an indoor environment, the screen area will exceed 3㎡. Therefore, in this case ordinary rear projection, DLP (Digital LCD rear projection) and LED display three kinds of options to choose from.

Advantages ordinary projection screen pixel is a small, high-definition, the drawback is low brightness, viewing angle is small, short lens lamp life (only a few thousand hours). DLP advantage is that a small pixel, high-definition, the disadvantage is patchwork, patchwork smallest up to 1mm, rear projection and plasma displays for class representing a closer look. The advantages of the indoor LED display is a high brightness, no patchwork shortcomings pixel coarse particles, lower resolution. Currently commercialized indoor full color LED screen model is more economical P5 P6, Other models P3 P4 P7.62 P8 and the like. LED display for viewing distant indoor places.
The selection of ballroom LED display, can be considered from the following aspects.

A core. And outdoor full color LED screen, as is generally recommended indoor full color display LED package emitting diode, high-end products are recommended and the United States CREE Nichia die.

2 packages. Surface-mount packages advantage 352,821,211,010 is large viewing angle, good consistency and easy automatic welding process, the full-color mainstream products.

3 density. Because indoor full color LED chip heat larger, higher circuit density control, the dot density is now commercially available full-color can not be made very high, Cheng made indoor screen models include P1.6 P2 P2.5 P3 P4 P5, P6, P7.62, P8 and the like.

4 drive. Indoor full color LED screen drive mode is constant current drive, dynamic scanning mode (mainly 1 / 4,1 / 8 1/16 scan mode, etc.).

5 refresh rate. Improve the refresh rate, the camera without blinking, tailing.
LED display manufacturers in scale and brand, price, usage, installation location, environment, etc. These are some suggestions about hotel ballrooms LED display choice, more doubts, you can contact us to answer.

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