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Outdoor LED Display Causes Fire


Outdoor LED Display Causes Fire

Around at 7:10 on 2015 AM, billboard located on the Yellow River of the North Lake Road Post Office depot building caught fire, causing the roof billboards and outdoor LED screen on fire, the fire department arrived to extinguish the fire, the fire did not cause more again, As of 8 am, the fire has been extinguished, fortunately without casualties.

Also at the end of last year, the electronic display Guangzhou Baiyun Airport fire, fire caused losses; this year, WCBA Beijing venue LED display burn smoke, causing widespread concern in the industry once again, we had to cause us to think deeply. How to ensure the LED display quality, improve product safety and stability of the issue, placed in front of all the LED display supplier.

Many consumers blind pursuit of cheap, specifically looking for a bargain, or simply to keep the prices down dead, but does not know, no good goods cheaper, when you are well below the market price for their goods get complacent, but did not realize danger is near, the result is often throw good money after bad, not worth the candle!

LED display trigger cause of the fire:

The first is the wire: wire rod market of varying quality, a lot of low-grade copper clad aluminum wire spools are seemingly copper, aluminum but in reality, this line can only be used with temporary and can not be used in regular products above. There are copper copper, an insulating layer, diameter size (generally the maximum power required by the display with more than 1.2 times), these areas as long as there is one mistake, it may be buried security risk;

The second is the power source: use inferior power, or that power is too small, long-term power overload operation;

The third is the PCB board: inferior materials, copper and thin, poorly designed, resulting in poor process copper burrs and other phenomena will produce a short circuit, a source of fire hazards;

The fourth is the cooling system: LED display outdoor display particularly long period under high temperature, the heat problem is the primary problem. Such as cooling duct design is unreasonable, easily lead to the accumulation of dust on the fan shaft, power supply and motherboard, resulting in poor heat dissipation, short circuit electronic components, fan stuck, causing a fire.

The fifth is service and maintenance: one is the display screen supplier to the customer service is not in place no systematic training display function, leading to customer operations are not standardized; on the other hand is the display screen suppliers have sold LED display without regular maintenance, maintenance is not detailed or not timely, making it impossible to detect anomalies.

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