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Outdoor LED display to the public how a good viewing angle?


Outdoor LED display to the public how a good viewing angle?

Perspective advertising display screen size is one of the important indicators, we often hear the argument is a horizontal angle greater than 120 °, vertical angle greater than 120 °, then the advertising LED big screen viewing angle factors which influence?

A, LED screen viewing angle Use:
LED large screen most use 120 ° horizontal viewing angle, viewing angle of 60 ° in the straight, oval LED screen the selected households are straight horizontal 120 °, the higher the number of large-screen high-rise on demand for straight perspective.

Second, LED screen advertising Perspective Category:
1, the canonical form. Typically used for light, its half-value angle of 20 ° ~ 45 °.
2, high directivity. Usually pointed epoxy encapsulated, or packaged with a metal reflector cavity, without adding scattering agent. Half-value angle of 5 ° ~ 20 ° or less, with high directivity, can be used as part of the lighting light source or light detector linked to form an automatic detection system.
3, scattering type. This indicator is larger perspective, half-value angle of 45 ° ~ 90 ° or more, a large amount of scattering agent.
Third, the impact on the viewing angle LED screen brightness uniformity of appearance: because advertising screens own perspective doubt, LED display brightness with the investigation viewpoint changes and changes affecting the screen appear to show effect. Investigators never appeared as a viewpoint to watch the screen, the brightness of the LED display will change the brightness uniformity of a negative impact.

LED display viewing angle and brightness mutually antagonistic. In practice, the use of full-color screen, LED luminous intensity distribution angle through the curve can simulate the contact between the LED display brightness uniformity and observation position, using objective evaluation of specifications to end once only after the evaluation of the human eye can be estimated the best observation scale.

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