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LED display flashing lightning cooling techniques readily available


LED display flashing lightning cooling techniques readily available

As June, LED display industry is gradually moving into the rhythm of intense sales booming, more and more outdoor surface-mount large number of products used in airports, buildings, outdoor advertising pillars and other places, and with the country have opened the summer heat mode , the environment has become increasingly harsh test of weather resistance outdoor LED display, however face summer temperatures, rainy, Dore special circumstances, can not rely solely on the LED display their superior weather resistance, often in the construction and installation omissions post maintenance on the LED display is the cause of shortened life expectancy, for various types of cause of the failure!

In summer rainy weather to pay attention

1, the first to a surge protector (SPD), when the electrical circuit or the communication lines due to external interference sudden spike current or voltage surge protector can be split in a very short time conduction, thus avoiding surge damage to other equipment on the circuit, the protection must be installed separately grounded.

2, for steel lightning, connect steel housing with LED screen and make a grounding resistance generally require less than 4 ohms resistance if below, to do additional artificial ground network.

3, for the AC power line and low voltage DC power supply line induced lightning current, single-phase power line installation or three-phase power supply lightning arrester and weak. Cable cross-sectional area of ​​the phase line can not be less than 10mm square, connect the ground wire cross-sectional area not less than 16mm square area.

4, for the signal line induced lightning current signal on the signal line to install lightning protection devices. Signal lightning arrester according to the signal interface system may be, if you install a network cable network signal lightning protection devices, serial interface DB9 connector is installed lightning protection devices and so on. Connect the ground wire cross-sectional area not less than 1.5mm square.

5, while the lightning induced current, uniform designed with professional distribution box, cabinet can be more comprehensive and effective protection of the entire circuit system for lightning induced current interference.

How to hot weather heat LED display

Within 1,20 square LED display

Generally we do not recommend the use of air conditioning, if conditions permit, the use of two 300mm diameter fans around on it, according to the size of the installation space to be.

2, more than 20 square LED display

1) If the LED display mounting position against the wall, and the wall can protrude one meter position, recommended to choose the fan, fan mounting position in the top side of the screen according to the size arranged in turn. And when the fan installed to ensure that there are nets to prevent the display of the maintenance technicians in the maintenance of the display when the clothes or other things sucked injury, in order to waterproof, plastic fan to the outside panel outlet fitted with aluminum shutters. LED screen can be wall-mounted air-conditioning, to ensure adequate space for air conditioner does not affect the overall appearance of the wall. Air-conditioning option is required, generally using 1.5P, 2P and 3P for most air conditioning. Northern cities in a 20 square 1P air conditioning calculation; the southern city of 15 square 1P air conditioning use calculations. If the LED outdoor display area is relatively large, custom-made air-conditioning needs.

2) If the LED display installation method is to use the column, preferably to the cooling fan, fan installed in the back of the big screen by the top of the aluminum plate, made in the form of blinds so when it rains, the rain does not enter the display. If it is in the form of double-column LED display, can be opened in the middle of the double column of several shutters, the windows are all trades intake port, exhaust fan above the mouth, thus forming a complete air convection cooling makes better.

3) where it is required to install air conditioning, the purchase cost and the cost to be increased, although space cooling effect will be better than the fans, but must also consider the air conditioning unit installed, and it can guarantee the overall appearance.

4) installation of vent air filter, and often do the cleaning process.

Rain water is also a key

Waterproof main display in the prevention, the choice of modules must be waterproof outdoor module, the module must be on the back of three anti-paint brush, the selection box is also the best waterproof case, sealing better. While another part of the need to implement them in the specific construction site; waterproofing and drainage combination of structural design; in the structure determination, according to the characteristics of the structure, consider having a pipe structure in vacuoles, small compression ratio, elongation at break Great properties of seal materials; seal material selected after the required sealing strip according to the characteristics of materials, design appropriate contact surfaces and the contact force, the sealing strip squeezed into compact shape. In some installations waterproofing groove position, we do focus on protection and clear, to ensure that the internal display will not have any water. This ensures that the display is using the rainy season, there will be no quality problems caused by human factors.

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