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How do fire prevention work LED display


LED display technology is good or bad, mainly display fireproof materials, box technology have great relevance. Refractory raw materials including the use of internal wiring, power supply, external structural fire department and plastic packaging material in four areas: "
     1, in most applications the display, the LED display area of ​​the display unit more, its consumption more pairs of conductors energized stability have higher requirements. Many wire products, to meet the requirements of the standard wire, to ensure its security and stability, which requires three things: a conductive copper core wire core carrier, the standard range of tolerance within the standard range, cored rubber insulation and flame up to standard, compared to ordinary copper clad aluminum. Core area small area, the insulation level is not enough rubber wire, electrical performance is more stable, easy to short-circuit;
     2, UL certified power products also choose a similar product, the effective conversion rate can ensure the security and stability of power supply load, when the ambient temperature of the hot case, can also work.
     3, the display screen door structural material, high fire rating LED screen products market, most fire-resistant aluminum composite panel, excellent flame retardancy is also a strong anti-fire, the core material aging properties of special material is also very strong melting temperature of 135 ℃, the temperature of the solution than or equal to 300 ° C, environmental performance, halogen, in line with SGS, flame retardant b-s1, D0, T0, reference standard UL94, GB 8624-2006 to determine. Aluminum pan general outdoor display products with high temperatures, rain and cold shock fast pace of aging, so in humid season, easily penetrate the body of the screen caused by a short circuit electronic components electronic components.

     4, the fire display materials, is also an important component of which is under the plastic packaging, plastic packaging, materials using mainly unit modules mask shell, the main raw material is PC + glass fiber materials having a flame retardancy function, not only has the function of flame retardant, and more long-term use at high temperatures, no distortion, no embrittlement, can effectively prevent the external environment to the interior of rainwater infiltration caused by short circuit fire.

    5, the wick material is not broken and can not be used to improve the brightness of the current mode.

In addition to internal raw materials will affect the fire effect, the external configuration and design are also important, but the external configuration mainly related to the fire, the monitor screen and configuration screen on the exhaust fan and air conditioning inside a cooling, it is recommended every 8-10 square assembly 1P air conditioning ensure screen body temperature is normal temperature, air conditioning or fan configuration is not in place can cause uneven heat treatment, easy to cause the temperature inside the screen body security problems caused by increased. Also led to a more enterprise-level protection of the test, only a simple simulation of the external environment spray water testing, water effects and permanent strength verification, so after display products used for some time, water infiltration, it is the outdoor LED display prone important cause of the fire or short life. In response to thunderstorms, lightning equipment on the screen to avoid the lightning attack and necessary tools in the combustion off device, you can go directly to ground lightning within the device, rather than the physical effects on the screen.

   6, installed correctly
Since the electronic LED screen are electronic products, the main part of the material are also flammable, so fundamental, "said in the bud, equipment supply, the use of combustible high-quality wire, integrated circuits, connected devices, reducing the failure rate, control the light LED display technology, the display can be carried out in a professional installation, combustible and prevent fire hazards caused by fire, customer service, maintenance, periodic inspection screen test professionals.

   7, do the LED display fire certification

Enter the US market security, certified by ETL, BS certified to UL48 safety wire and cable, Japan needs PSE mandatory safety certification, although Hong Kong BD ALR.

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