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Five new LED display screen


Five new LED display screen

1 small spacing LED Screen

Hyun Where? Small pitch LED Display LED dot pitch refers to the following in the P2.5 indoor LED display, including P2.5, P2.0, P1.9, P1.8, P1.6, P1.5 LED display, etc. product. Indoor high-density pitch LED display that displays the greatest competitive edge completely seamless and natural true color display. Meanwhile, in the latter part of maintenance, already has a mature point by point correction technology, the use of one or two years more than the display can use a one-time correction of the entire instrument panel, simple operation, the effect is also very good.

Difficulties? It is handicapped packaged devices and technology. Small spacing becomes smaller and smaller, faces a number of challenges in terms of the process which is made, such as ultra-high temperature production processes. Small pitch itself is very small, the distance between the material and the material is reduced to a very short, just a little bit small error occurs intermittently a lot of bad, such as a short circuit between the wafer and the wafer is easy to like.

2 Wireless LED Screen

Hyun Where? Wireless LED display is the use of GSM, GPRS, CDMA, 3G and other wireless communications network, to achieve LED display remote, real-time large-scale networking and information dissemination. (1) large-scale network: LED display to transmit information via wireless GSM, GPRS, CDMA, 3G and other wireless network, using TCP / IP network transport protocol, an unlimited number of networked terminals, which can be large-scale networking. (2) For Immediate Release information: LED Wireless Display can always receive information center issued information. (3) without distance limitations: LED wireless display may be in use across the country, as long as the local wireless network signal coverage can be used, not limited by distance and location. (4) easy installation and maintenance: eliminating the need for laying fiber optic cable or communications cable, the installation location of the wireless LED Display is easy to choose; modular design, easy maintenance and repair, and automatically save all information automatically dial, automatic redial dropped to ensure reliable connection; anti-jamming design, suitable for harsh electromagnetic environment applications; high and low temperature design to meet the low and high temperature environment. (5) a variety of information dissemination methods: Depending on the selected communications network, you can choose different ways to update information transmitting wireless LED display information, and blasts, the group made, single-point message. Join identification code and the check code when setting information as may be required according to the user to send or receive only special number: (6) a variety of information encryption. Ensure information security.

Difficulties? (1) Wireless LED display enterprises are now a common phenomenon is the production of a lot of equipment, but rarely fixture. Supporting the use of fixture, can improve product reliability, reduce the failure rate of the product, the production process can not be ignored devices. (2) there is no top to the bottom of the decomposition process of the technical indicators, inadequate design aspects, the lack of reliability verification process. (3) For the electronic manufacturing standards ignore abound, even thought there is no wireless LED display industry standard specifications. (4) only focus on reducing manufacturing costs, and regardless of the total cost of the product life cycle.

3 smart LED Screen

Hyun Where? LED smart displays, in fact, the display and the Internet combine to achieve cluster of remote release, remote control, remote monitoring, and the size of these cluster LED display several ten, hundreds of pieces, even up to several thousand Piece. When a problem appears on the display, it will spontaneously timely warning, and then analyze their own state, some problems also can automatically repair, to a certain extent, reduce the workload of engineers. With the development of technology, the display of intelligence will be further upgraded. Smart Display is not only high-definition display, smooth, dynamic images and video, but also offer more features and services for consumer use and enjoyment, strengthen consumer interaction and personal experience.

Difficulties? We need to constantly improve intelligence capabilities to solve various defects intelligent process, according to the needs of consumers, provide more intelligent services in place. Cloud Intelligence is the development trend. But also to prevent security issues, privacy information, or to avoid the disclosure of confidential information.

4 transparent LED Screen

Hyun Where? Transparent display screen can be done, such as glass is generally transparent, while maintaining transparency and guarantee richness of color and dynamic screen display details, so transparent screen interactive display device that allows users to not only view the exhibits close behind and can pass through the screen allows the dynamic information of the user to interact with the transparent display. Very suitable for shopping malls display jewelry and a variety of luxury goods industry as well as museum to showcase some of the cultural relics.

Difficulties? Not for personal use of the environment, on issues such as privacy, difficult to be resolved. Technology is not very mature, especially for the size in terms of number of special panels. The cost is relatively high, is not suitable as a universal product. Supporting immature environment, such as in mobile applications, batteries and other components is no way to achieve ultra-small, in order to meet its pull-style design.

5 shaped LED Screen

Hyun Where? Shaped LED display appears, breaking the large-screen display system can splice a rectangular shape cold, it can be freely assembled into a variety of irregular shapes to show some of the creative content, not only to attract the audience's first time the eye so as to achieve better publicity, but also to better develop the LED Display splicing applications. Broadly categorized are: three-dimensional surface (such as a spherical screen, polyhedral screen and sky, etc.), arc-shaped, irregular-shaped, strip-shaped screen. Distinctive shaped screen such as: LED spherical screen (LED screen sphere, triangle ball screens, six-sided ball panorama screen), LED signs (different specifications of the special LED modules assembled, Screen size is not limited, assembled into a flexible customer any desired text, graphics and LOGO, etc.), human face LED Display (with a soft, pliable different series of different pitch LED display structure, vividly depicts the face of facial features), arc LED inside screen, LED DJ sets, LED cans screen (the screen to full 360 ° surround viewers, viewers can watch middle of the field, it can form a 360 ° panoramic picture of the display).

Difficulties? Because LED shaped screen look different, the structure different from each other, so the manufacturer's technical requirements are more stringent. If the vendor technology, however, the appearance of stitching out LED screen because the gap is too large patchwork, stitching surface discontinuity caused by uneven and many other issues, which affect the viewing experience, undermine the overall design aesthetic. And more importantly, LED shaped screen circuit design complexity and structure, research and development capabilities of the manufacturers presented a very high demand.

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