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Inquiry LED display industry applications

Inquiry LED display industry applications

With the technology of unprecedented prosperity, LED screen products concern, widely used in commercial advertising, live broadcast, traffic guidance, stage interpretation of other fields. LED electronic display is the use of optical display technology, video technology, multimedia technology, network technology, computer technology, automatic control technology, for indoor and outdoor use environments, display various information elements, using a dedicated control technology, text, text, graphics, images, animations, stock quotes, and a variety of multimedia information, television and video signals for display.

LED display system widely used in government, military, financial, industrial enterprises, commercial, intelligent transportation, schools, medical services and sports venues.
Query categories: hospitals, post and telecommunications industry, Trade and Industry Bureau, the Inland Revenue, exit bureau, insurance, courts, government agencies
Shopping guide categories: hotels, shopping malls, beauty salons, Commercial Street, large supermarkets, trade fairs
Ticketing, data query categories: airline ticket, international cruise ticket offices, banks, stock exchanges, futures markets, libraries
Guided categories: parks, playgrounds, travel agencies, museums, monuments
Guide categories: airports, ports, railway stations, office buildings, big game
Publishing category: newspapers, book publishing, real estate presentation class CD

LED display system are: indoor color information screen, dual-color video screen, full-color, true-color video screen; outdoor color information screen, dual-color, full-color, true-color video screen; a variety of securities market display ; type of display; and according to customer needs all kinds of LED screen used in various industries.
LED display Typical applications:
1. Urban Public Information Systems
2. The Government, enterprises and institutions reception system
3. industry and commerce, taxation, customs, banking and other business sectors Enquiry System
4. telecommunications, utility and other utility systems business inquiries
5. shopping malls commodity information inquiry system
6. The hotel tour guide system
7. business center, intelligent building distributed query system
8. talent market, labor market supply and demand information system consulting services
9. exhibitions, fairs information system
10. Hospital Vaccine Immunol System queries
In the outdoor advertising market, LED screen advertising due to the target consumer groups have relevance strong visual impact and strong performance, advertising updates flexible, low cost per thousand audience Reach Higher huge advantage, has become an important outdoor advertising communication media.

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