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LED display why the audience welcomed the findings tell you what are the advantages LED


LED display why the audience welcomed the findings tell you what are the advantages LED

Now LED display advertising has become the trend, especially in some of the more developed cities, small pitch LED display outdoor advertising has occupied the absolute dominance, that huge screen is easy to impress us. We all know that the higher cost of small spacing LED display, why are we still in the outdoor advertising big sought it? The main reason is to give users more value.

    Outdoor LED small spacing display with its high definition digital media trends, new media has become a force can not be ignored. It is not just an extension of traditional outdoor media and television media and microblogging, LBS positioning, social media and mobile terminals combined to construct a three-dimensional space and consumer interaction and communication, as well as given more creative possible, shaped core part of their media value.

    One for the 16 major cities in outdoor LED display small spacing audience survey carried out by site-directed interception way to learn about the audience on the LED display and evaluation of exposure and cognitive, but also through in-depth interviews of experts and the audience, Learn LED display touch experience and unique value from the results of this survey, the following conclusions can be drawn.

The core business district, casting a unique space value
     Outdoor LED Display media construction location at the heart of most of the city's landmark, the central business district, transportation corridors, as well as other people with functional traffic-intensive places. With urbanization and the popularity of family cars, these places have become the mainstream of urban population engaged in business and leisure, dining and shopping, working out and other important places indispensable, because it has scarce core characteristics, and also become a marketing value quality forms of media.
Arrival rate, effective coverage audience
     LED screen area, has a striking, strong visual impact, a wide range of viewing angles and dazzling color and other characteristics, has a good line of sight and ultra-clear picture, coupled with the unique advantages of space, so that the LED display media to attract urban population eyeball. The survey found that the average weekly outdoor LED display media arrival rate of 61.8%, the average weekly reach district frequency of 3.8 times the average monthly arrival rate of 79.3% and 30% of the audience an active interest in outdoor LED display media, the average single audience times look to stay 15.1 seconds. LED display has a relatively stable, repeated contact with the audience, which is conducive to media LED display effective communication and understanding.

Audience identity, boosting ad performance Conversion
     The study found that outdoor LED display can effectively enhance the audience's perception and attitude toward the brand for outdoor media, respondents were more inclined to think that playing on outdoor LED display advertising brand is the leading brand and the strength of the various sectors brands.

    At the same time LED display advertising to enhance the impression of brands and products are also very helpful, 76.1% of the audience is certainly a greater degree of influence of outdoor LED display advertising for brand and product image promotion. The intensity of advertising products and a good brand image thus formed, for consumers to buy will have a pivotal role.

    After contact with outdoor LED screen advertising, audience behavior by the advertising impact, resulting in subsequent behavioral intention, which nearly 20% will take the initiative to search for relevant information online, 6.7% directly into the store, 24.7% will try to buy the product, and 37.3% will be passed to others or actively discuss relevant product information, the formation of secondary spread.

High-end audience, significant marketing value
     The survey found that outdoor LED display to reach the media crowd the main body has the characteristics of young, highly educated and high income, regular contact with the audience in 21-45 years the proportion of 80.2%, the proportion of college education was 65.9% in 34.8% the proportion of senior managers, they have stable and higher income, consumption and strong.

    In recent years, LED outdoor media operators continue to emerge, but we also see that the outdoor LED screen media operator level varies greatly, and in order to maintain the daily operations of the media, regardless of the quality and content of advertising, have a negative impact on the media image; therefore to further differentiate and healthy development of the media industry, media and establish a good brand image, and focus on the long-term sustainability and innovation is essential, through in-depth interviews experts also confirmed this view: innovation and upgrading media quality is very important, and some outdoor and interactive media has launched a two-dimensional code scanning, et al screen new technologies to attract consumers to participate in the brand communication process, so as to enhance the integration of the value of media advertising.

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