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LED display Cause cause fire

LED display Cause cause fire

With the position of the LED display in the popularity of indoor and outdoor displays, light emitting diode display of fire due to the quality and design defects caused by more and more security personnel, customers bring enormous economic risks. As the frequency of occurrence of the accident, we have begun to focus on how to prevent the occurrence of fire, and then edit and share with you today to show how to do fire prevention work of leadership. , Mainly in several main raw material for some of the remaining short board, fire hazards exist in the cause of the fire occurred.

First, the wire. In most LED display applications, the display unit area of ​​the screen is larger, the greater the power consumption, the stability of the power cord is also higher. Many wire products, the use of wire line with national standards, to ensure its security and stability.

second,power supply. Through UL certified power products are the best choice for similar products, the effective conversion rate ensure the safety and stability of electric load in the outside temperature is hot, it works fine.
Third, the protective material. General outdoor LED display products, aluminum plate with aging temperature, rain, cold and thermal shock faster, make it more humid climates season, easily penetrate the body caused by a short circuit screen electronic components fire. In the display LED screen door structural material, high fire rating display market products are mostly fire-resistant aluminum composite panel, excellent fire-resistant, fire is also very strong.
Fourth, the plastic packaging. Computer fiberglass material mainly plastic bags in the housing bottom shell material, the main raw materials used in the flame-retardant function, not only flame-retardant function, and more long-term use at high temperatures without deformation, brittle fracture does not change, and combined with the seal plastic can be used, can effectively prevent the external environment to the interior of rainwater infiltration, resulting in short-circuit fire.

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