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Monitoring command center large LED screen system functional analysis


Monitoring command center large LED screen system functional analysis

With social progress and development of science and technology in the security command center monitoring large LED screen system has been activated. Many local security systems have become increasingly demanding.

Large screen display HMI system control center is a major part of the overall scheduling system, decision-making and command scheduling implementation is in this link, at work, occupy the mainstream position can not shake. Dispatch center large LED display system is mainly used for data collection and dissemination of information sharing, interactive decision support, real-time data monitoring, video conferencing.

Features "security command center monitoring large LED screen systems

1. Decision Support for high-definition LED display system information collection: systematic collection, organize all kinds of information, and analyze the results of the models, according to the needs of policy makers, showing the most concise form, to facilitate the rapid and accurate understanding of the decision-making the current situation and determine the advantages and disadvantages of different scheduling schemes, to help them better make the right decisions.

2. Real-time monitoring, 24-hour monitoring: to control various data program scheduling system is the key, large LED screen systems throughout the scheduled work for sustainable 640 × 960 hours, to ensure the timeliness and scheduling work.

Consultation system, video conferencing auxiliary Dispatching: to establish a video conference system for intuitive, efficient command and scheduling purposes, avoiding defect-image mode is not intuitive and clear conference call to be more timely and effective crisis management incident .

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