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How to solve the outdoor LED display circuit, display color section



Chinese LED display industry significantly speed up technological progress, a variety of applications in the LED application market, life is the beginning of the bout. As a new type of energy saving LED displays, such as the market for themselves, and walking in the street, everywhere LED products. How to deal with these issues as a staff member of the LED display to deal with these issues is a question worth considering. If the purchase is not good, heat intolerance, fear of water, LED display, full-color LED screen on the performance is very serious.

Generally speaking, outdoor full color LED screen brightness 1500cd / square meters. In order to ensure the normal operation display, otherwise it will be too low to see because of the brightness of the image displayed, but also in the long elevated temperatures can cause attenuation LED. Circuit board manufacturing to meet the design requirements. The most common way of cooling, as part of the housing to increase the cooling area of ​​the aluminum heat sink. Strengthening heat - Use of the lowest shell formation, convection air. Size, brightness

Full-color LED display is mainly composed of high-quality LED lights. Poor heat dissipation or imbalance may result in non-uniform LED lights. Change the fan trouble, does not apply to outdoor. White balance is one of the most important indicators of the LED display, LED display to ensure consistent color origin of height. Capacitor switching devices (gates) or other desired filtering / decoupling components and settings, these capacitors should be close to the arrangement of these components, too far from the role.

The size of the viewing angle directly determines the number of LED screen, therefore, the bigger the better. Three RGB LED light attenuation rate is more likely to lead to a screen cast. The size of angle is determined by the die package, and LED lamp brightness does not necessarily lead to the entire screen of the video scene. Reduction of color refers to the lighting design color LED display design reduces.

Different full color LED display, indoor and outdoor energy-saving highlight high refresh portable and all of the requirements of the LED display, all walks of life are not the same, so buyers in the LED display LED display quality and resolution selection set given their needs, LED display manufacturers, whether the maximum extent according to their needs. In recent years, China's LED application products in short supply situation, mainly by the LED display, LED lighting and lighting demand-driven. LED packaging applications to further expand the lighting. The rapid development of China's high-end applications in the LED industry, an increasingly competitive market. Foreign companies seek to enter the chip, the integration of local enterprises of technology and products to make the competition more intense.

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