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Outdoor LED future development trend



The rapid development of outdoor LED display, outdoor display of many applications market requirements are also increasing, from the point spacing, weight, features and other aspects of the product have been greatly changed. Outdoor LED display has also gone from the traditional outdoor LED display Outdoor LED display light → → small spacing outdoor display development. We discussed briefly below several large LED display change and future trends.
First. Features
       1. The traditional outdoor LED display: Spacing between universal PH16-30mm, generally able to meet the requirements of full-color screen display;
       2. The light outdoor LED display: Spacing between universal PH10-25mm, screen color sense, sophistication was a great lift, close viewing distance, viewing angle;
       3. The outdoor LED display small spacing: Spacing between universal PH3-10mm, to meet the 1080P HD motion video advertising, making delicate screen is gorgeous, strong visual impact;
Second, weight
       1. Traditional: 65kg
          Features: heavy tank is not easy to transport, installation; convenient maintenance; building facades aesthetic impact.
       2. The thin and light: 45kg
          Features: The amount of housing has been reduced; installation and maintenance easy; there are still beautiful on building facades.
       3. Small pitch: 20kg
          Features: Aluminum frame structure; greatly reduce the weight of the box; installation and maintenance more convenient; make the building more beautiful.
Third, point by point correction
       1. Traditional outdoor LED display without correction;
       2. The light outdoor LED display calibration;
       3. The outdoor LED display with small spacing, there is correction.
Fourth, function
       1. Traditional outdoor LED display, although a complete display, but the display is rough.
       2. The light outdoor LED screen, you can basically perfect display, and can achieve bright colors and delicate, installation is relatively easy.
       3. Outdoor LED small spacing display, the screen displays integrity, consistency, and color fidelity, installation is very convenient, diverse and creative styling.
Fifth, intelligent
       1. Traditional outdoor LED screen, can basically meet the images, text, sound and video playback;
       2. The light outdoor LED display, can basically meet the images, text, sound, video playback functionality, compared with the traditional outdoor display has been significantly improved;
       3. The outdoor LED screen small pitch, only to meet pictures, text, sound, video playback, but also to achieve human-computer interaction, touch interaction, and other intelligent somatosensory interactive requirements.
      Outdoor LED screen to the current development has gone through three stages of development probably from awkward to light, from coarse to fine realistic picture, from large to small pitch spacing from one-way communication to two-way interaction with the positive ...... Outdoor LED Display changes in market demand toward the development of intelligent and convenient, this is the future trend of the overall development of LED industry.

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