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Brief summary outdoor LED display installation takes note


LED display installed outdoors, frequent exposure to rain, wind and sun, the working environment is very bad. Rain or excessive moisture can cause power short circuit or even fire, causing failure or fire, resulting in losses.

LED display may be subject to strong electric magnetic attacks caused by lightning or even direct lightning strikes, power must be good grounding lightning protection, grounding resistance of less than 3 ohms.

Ambient temperature varies greatly. LED display work itself must have a relatively high heat, if the ambient temperature is too high heat and bad, it will directly affect the stability of the display, as well as the life of the LED chip, such as brightness decay too fast, the display color cast, display Huaping show, will result in serious damage to the switching power supply temperature is too high, even fire, with a very big security risk. (There are many domestic LED display fire accident)

Line of sight requirements far, wide field of vision requirements; selection of ultra-high brightness light-emitting chips, brightness To 6500cm / m, can be in the case of direct sunlight the screen is still bright color saturation.

Screen and the Screen and architecture must be strictly water leak; screen body must have good drainage measures in the event of a smooth water emissions.

LED display power consumption is relatively large, generally requires 380V five-wire power supply cable requires some redundancy meet the national standard brand, there must be compliance with the air control switch for a high quality brand.

Installation of refrigeration and air conditioning for ventilation and cooling, so that the screen body internal temperature below 40 ℃. Screen behind the top of the installed fan, exhaust heat, so that the internal air circulation, non-condensing.

Steel to design plans and drawings to demonstrate, after the installation of the building to ensure that no security risk, using the national standard quality steel, and do rust treatment, to brush 3 times more rust, welding structures have professional operating permits to ensure the quality of welding.

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