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Small pitch LED display advances


Small pitch LED display advances

The past two years, security and development is closely related to the peace of the city, intelligent transportation construction policy implementation, and increase public awareness of security so that the large screen display industry in the field of security maintained a good momentum of growth. From the application market, safe city is also the future large screen display large industry growth areas, especially in second and third tier cities began to highlight the huge market potential. However, since the Safe City project is a very large, very complex system, and the area covered by a large, complex environment, more than the number of images, we need to multi-level control, and require high image clarity, good real-time requirements so high traditional solely for the purpose to show the system can not meet their needs. This requires a set of large-screen display system, the big screen to achieve integrated management.

LED display shows the important role played by art in security monitoring, its development greatly affects the direction of the security industry. With the advances in LED display technology, LED display products better on display. Now the security market with LED LCD splicing is a bargaining chip, and the next display field of security who will prevail? It depends on their development.

In the current market, monitor the security field is divided into two categories: one is the use of traditional CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent tube) LCD display, which is the LCD, and the other is the use of LED (light emitting diode) backlit LCD display . LED display can also be called in the security industry splicing screen monitor or, in recent years, with the upgrading of LED technology, various types of monitors emerging, more light weight, clarity, higher and higher, more and more bright colors . As the market demand there have been some oversized mosaic screen projects, to meet the multi-source quantity control complex systems demand characteristics, coupled with the LED display to break the limitations of patchwork, LED display applications in the security industry outlook is still very substantial now it is mainly used in video conferencing, video surveillance, such as transportation, energy, police, emergency rescue, and so on.

HD LED screen intelligence will be the direction of development in the field of security, the Third Plenary Session "decision" will deepen reform of Article 13 of the pledged to strengthen intellectual property rights protection and the use, improvement of technical innovation incentives. LED industry is generally believed that this will be conducive to the protection of intellectual property rights in the field of LED, LED industry is conducive to the promotion of new technologies, new product development and innovation. Monitoring technology breakthrough in the direction of LED display, Yang president pointed out that the future monitoring display device must be the direction towards the development of high-definition technology.

Time, temperature range, etc. from the cathode ray tube display technology, liquid crystal display technology, plasma display technology to the organic light emitting diode display technology has evolved in the latter than the former thickness, weight, brightness, resolution, features, perspective, responses are many excellent. CRT from spherical, flat rectangular, cylindrical to flat CRT evolution, lifelike images without distortion. Such as plasma monitor is the second CRT / LCD after the new generation of products, which is characterized by thin, excellent resolution, the monitor can be made large, there is no visual curved surface, color display is more beautiful, more vivid, prospects very broad. But LCD is recognized as the most suitable products currently used in the security field as a professional monitoring terminals. For example, life problems, life of the LCD screen under normal circumstances can reach more than 50,000 hours, standard high-definition resolution can easily do more than even up to 1080P full HD level, power and heat are relatively small. But comparison, LED display market is more competitive than LCD.

Last year a small pitch LED display outbreak. In the field of security, a small pitch LED display completely seamless biggest advantage lies in its natural color display and true. Meanwhile, in the latter part of maintenance, LED display already have a mature point by point correction technology, the use of one or two years more than the display can use a one-time correction of the entire instrument panel, simple operation, the effect is also very good. Currently LED small spacing actually security monitoring, dispatching, intelligent transportation and other fields are applied. Future LED display if a small pitch with greater breakthroughs in HD and intelligent, the product competitive advantage will be further reflected.

From the above content point of view, LED display shows the security in the area of ​​the larger strengths and development potential. In the future LED display will take place in the field of security, LED display will promote progress in the field of security, the security field will also promote the development of LED display.

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