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LED display technology innovation fueled foreign markets brighter future


LED display technology innovation fueled foreign markets brighter future

Since the birth of full-color display, the development of China's LED display industry with each passing day. According to China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association, LED display Applications Branch statistics, in 2012 China's LED display applications market annual sales to 25.3 billion yuan, compared with 2011, an increase of 15 %% u3002 rapid development of the industry gave birth to a mature, complete industry chain infrastructure, while stimulating the production of domestic momentum. Whether or employees from the industrial scale, the development of China's LED display industry matured.

Meanwhile, China's basic national conditions display product cost advantage, our country is the most populous country on the one hand, labor costs are significantly lower than abroad, on the other hand, letting the status quo manufacturing production cost is greatly reduced. According to statistics, China's foreign average wage is about seven times, assuming other costs unchanged, only one labor costs, overall domestic costs will display 17% lower than in other countries, and empty tank, steel, PCB boards and other products Average price gap between domestic and foreign are large, coupled with the overall design, cost, considering the cost of the domestic product is about 30% -50% of foreign products. In addition, the export tax rebate rate of full-color LED display products applicable since December 2008, from 13% to 14%. Since June 2009 transferred to the fact that 17% from 14%, greatly improve the cost-competitiveness of domestic products.

In addition, the use of domestic lamp beads also significantly drive down costs. Costs from the domestic LED display constitution of which the largest proportion of LED lights. While domestic enterprises are using the monitor domestic LED lamp beads, or its own package of LED lamp beads, and Barco, Daktronics and other foreign enterprises to use more international manufacturers (Nichia, Cree) lamp beads. Data show that domestic LED lamp price is about one-third of international companies, therefore, monitor the cost advantage is obvious.

Technological development

At present, domestic LED display technology level has roughly equal. LED display devices and key components of the core technology continues to improve in recent years, advances in technology for the LED display to provide important technical support.

LED chip luminous intensity and luminous efficiency rising, the reverse leakage current got better control, the ability to further enhance anti-static, long plagued the LED display electrostatic damage problem to crack. Switching power supply is a key component of the LED display, along with the industry for clean power and electromagnetic compatibility of the increased awareness, active power factor compensation (PFC) has gradually been widely used, the switching power supply applications with high conversion efficiency synchronous rectification ( SR) is also expected to be popular in the industry. Driver IC side, energy-efficient low dropout driver chip, supports time-division multiplexing scanning driver chips, reduce ghost precharge FET type driver IC chip greatly improve the visual performance of the display, and expand the prospects of the display. Control technology, 19bit products have entered the engineering application; brightness uniformity correction, from the early uniformity correction module, a decade ago uniformity correction point by point, to now by the image processing method due to mechanical assembly caused by poor bright lines and dark lines of visual correction, LED display various brightness correction control technology almost nothing less. Refresh driving, driving with the improvement of the semiconductor chip as well as the continuous improvement of the operating speed of the drive refresh mode, LED display has been can be achieved without blinking at the camera, no flyback lines, water ripples.

Technological innovation brings LED display product continues to introduce new application forms, it also brings the overall level of technology to enhance China's LED display industry. Technically speaking, our manufacturing LED display fully the ability, strength in line with the requirements of high-end display technology, an important reason for the international arena thanks to the development of technology.

Vast overseas market

LED display wide range of applications in the world, the formation of a broad market. 2010 - the 2014 global LED full color display market will maintain a CAGR of 30.43%, 2014 the market size will increase to $ 9.55 billion. In addition, the export LED display space of about 60 billion yuan is also enough to support the rapid development of enterprises. From the regional distribution of overseas market point of view, China's largest exporter of LED display mainly in Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia, the BRIC countries (Russia, India, South Africa, Brazil) are also important export areas

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