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European Cup dreams renewed fighting domestic LED enterprise Which stadium?


European Cup dreams renewed fighting domestic LED enterprise Which stadium?

France 2016 European Cup in Beijing at 3:00 on June 11 officially kicked off, hosts France 2: 1 victory over Romania, made a good start at home. With good overall strength, coupled with home advantage, the host team France has become the current European Cup win absolute favorites.

Recall that the 2012 European Cup, a group of Chinese LED display enterprise display products to enter the European Cup stadium. Practices changed the traditional north-south stadium set LED display, the maximum to take care of the stadium spectators in all directions through the display of information to understand events, live, playback and other needs. Whole modeling simple, the atmosphere, originality, LED display in the sports industry applications set a new benchmark.

2016 sporting events, the exciting events at home and abroad constantly, August has long been highly anticipated Olympic Games in Brazil. Sporting events bring positive domestic LED display enterprises rare opportunity for development, look forward to seeing China LED display products to a global audience even more stunning in the following sporting events, magnificent visual feast.

As we all know, LED display product application tentacles had extended to the sports industry. Today, large-scale sporting events, LED display has become an integral part of the display medium. With excellent brightness, color, life, application flexibility and other advantages, LED display to obtain in recent years, many domestic and international sports events in a lot of use, including the opening and closing performances, the venue / external information display, stadium perimeter displays.

Today, renewed fighting in the European Cup this year, and what domestic enterprises to realize their dreams of the European Cup stadium display it?

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