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large LED screen outdoor advertising media is gradually moving closer to


large LED screen outdoor advertising media is gradually moving closer to

Market data show that in 2010, the newspaper appeared in the media in the case of a 2% negative growth, the growth rate of outdoor media up to 85%, has occupied 10% market share, but also maintained a strong momentum of sustained growth. Which, LED outdoor electronic screen media as a strong spread of vector is achieved breakthrough development.

Outdoor Media growth path LED display, thanks to the publicity of its own unparalleled.

With the high reach and low cost are two advantages of outdoor media in recent years has become the fastest growing advertising medium.

First, the visual impact and create unique value of the spread. With the social advancement of technology and outdoor advertising, people demand more and more outdoor media, the traditional signs, light box, single column, a single neon and other forms of outdoor media has been unable to meet the needs of the audience. Audience access to the media time is further divided, to attract the attention of the target audience at the effective time of the media will be the most promising media.

large LED screen display area, bears a striking, strong visual impact, a wide range of viewing angles and dazzling color and other characteristics, has a good line of sight and ultra-clear picture, coupled with the unique advantages of space, making the LED large screen media to attract urban population eyeball.

According to the media survey found that outdoor LED large screen media reaches the average weekly rate of 61.8%, the average weekly reach district frequency of 3.8 times the average monthly arrival rate of 79.3% and 30% of the audience an active interest in outdoor large LED screen media, the average audience look to stay single 15.1 seconds. LED large screen has a relatively stable, repeated contact with the audience, which is conducive to LED large screen media effective communication and understanding.

Secondly, the arrival rate, effective coverage audience. Outdoor large LED screen media construction location at the heart of most of the city's landmark, the central business district, transportation corridors, as well as other people with functional traffic-intensive places. With urbanization and the popularity of family cars, these places have become the mainstream of urban population engaged in business and leisure, dining and shopping, working out and other important places indispensable, because it has scarce core characteristics, and also become a marketing value quality forms of media.

The study found that outdoor large LED screen can effectively enhance the audience's perception and attitude toward the brand for outdoor media, respondents were more inclined to think that playing ads on outdoor LED screen brand is the leading brand and the strength of the various sectors brands. Meanwhile LED large screen advertising to enhance the impression of the brand and the product is also very helpful, 76.1% of the audience is certainly a greater degree of influence of outdoor large LED screen advertising on brand and product image promotion.

The intensity of advertising products and a good brand image thus formed, for consumers to buy will have a pivotal role.

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