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How large LED screen enterprises to cope with diverse level of competition


Large LED screen industry for the next decade to maintain the domestic market is expected to double in five years of development, it is not an exaggeration, but is quite conservative. Only the calculation of urbanization development created by the emerging market space, the next decade will not scale under 400 million people - it is a little more than a huge majority of the population figures in the world on a large scale in the country's population.

China's huge market capacity internal and overseas market development, especially the rapid development of emerging economies of the BRIC countries and the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the rise of Central Africa, will become the domestic large-screen industry is increasing the amount of body self-consumption basis. Only in the domestic market, there is the rapid development of information technology, the rapid development of urbanization, and consumption and strong social security, environmental protection and sustainable development to strengthen economic trends, networking and next-generation communications technology and the rapid development of applications, and many other "unprecedented" historic opportunity.
Large LED screen industry's own growth and development, human resources strategy for the big screen industry to have at least two requirements, one is the scale of growth, the second is to enhance the level of talent.
Big screen industry has grown, companies will expand the scale, the number of different kinds of people and human resource needs will grow significantly. The amount of change is inevitable, and it is the easiest to understand. But the amount of the increase, while the big screen industry level of quality human resources requirements will increase, and this will be reflected in particular in the operation and management talent level improved.
Scale enterprises and Large LED screen market growth, the increasing need for more high-level management and business marketing class talent. Including not only the corporate strategic management, materials management, development management, service management, marketing, legal justice management, asset maintenance software, media support and a high level of demand for qualified personnel and other aspects of human resource management will increase significantly. Meanwhile, with the large screen enterprises to go abroad, international talent, including strategy, maintenance, research and development, the demand for high-end demand for the legal and other aspects of international talent, bilingual talent, multi-lingual personnel will increase dramatically. Changes in these areas, more of a new subject, a large-screen enterprise from zero exploration and accumulation.
  The world's big-screen industry is at the core of technology innovation and application model innovation outbreak. R & D, the number of creative talent demand will increase significantly in the coming years. In recent years, the world's large screen display industry, the rise of new technologies, including LCD, plasma display, laser and LED light source projection display, new data transmission technology and standards, a variety of advanced data processing technology, 3D and touch-based applications , sensing technology, networking technology. The emergence of new technologies, the industry makes Large LED screen industry a significant increase in the breadth of the technology involved areas. Big screen industry increasingly requires more technical and creative talents to meet the growing demand for the development of emerging technologies.
Technological innovation as the basis, along with the development of information technology market, the domestic large-screen industry is also showing a trend of diversification of applications. More features applications, and other areas of cross-application system more, or even entirely new applications emerging pattern. The test of the big screen industry practitioners to achieve the overall business plan and creative ability. It makes big screen industry for cross-industry customer business consultant personnel, software and communications technology personnel, needs creative talents step onto a new level, and continue to develop.
In the large-screen LED industry scale amplified by new technologies and new applications are emerging in the background, habits and competition laws of large screen industry is also undergoing profound changes. Changes in the industry to run the law, but also on the big screen industry personnel to the building put forward new requirements.
Large-scale enterprises screen industry is large-scale development, regional domestic market, the industry continues to break the pattern of separatism. Volume increased large-screen business, we need to have a more standardized management system and institutional system, the need to manage a more level. Especially GQY, Chong Wei and other listed companies emerge in the big-screen enterprise management level significantly improved, even the proliferation of demand management categories such original capital management rarely involved.
The domestic market is also facing overseas giants to accelerate access to comprehensive and the rise of emerging market brand melee. Overseas giants such as Samsung / LG and so bring the whole big screen industry compete more standardized order and more mature marketing model; the rise of new brands such diversification is the level of competition of the big screen industry, the ability to meet the market development of differentiation emerging creative competition cases continue to emerge.

Changes both profound impact on the competition rules of the big screen industry. On the one hand is the position of the contest standardized international giants, the other is brand new creative color guerrilla competition. This distribution pattern for the entire talent big screen industry presents new challenges, on the one hand international normalized demand for talent is increasing, the demand for talent is increasing flexibility on the other hand.

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