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What bottlenecks are closely spaced LED display

What bottlenecks are closely spaced LED display

LED display market has great potential, but the display, the resolution of a large load, splicing gap has been a high-density pitch LED display bottleneck, limiting the small pitch LED display applications. Small pitch LED display with seamless, modular maintenance, true natural colors, better display uniformity, color space wider advantages. However, display, resolution, large load, splicing gap has been a bottleneck in high-density pitch LED display.

Small pitch LED display screen image by twilight, the first sweep dim, red at the low ash, low ash affect issues such as uneven brightness: afterglow phenomenon can cause image blur; a first sweep dim LED brightness lead to bias dark; low gray balance color shift is generated at a low ash redness. In addition, the causes of low ash mainly from uneven brightness LED inconsistencies, as well as their differences driver. The above problem, it can drive and control system with IC suppressed. Currently, there are already high-side driver IC with integrated processing functions for the above-mentioned problems and adjust the interface. Using a control system to adjust the parameters, it can effectively improve the display effect of the display.

Large resolution tape is another question. Small pitch LED display lamp spacing is small, there is greater resolution in the same area. Improved resolution, or if you use a cassette receiving carrier, exhibit low performance becomes; and in a limited space in the box, and you can not install more than one receiver, cassette carrying a box. To solve the problems, according to the box structure to receive customized cards, reception cards make a perfect match with the module, to achieve a large load, high performance.

The rapid development of small screen to the pitch-by-point correction technology challenges. Currently, through the use of machine vision technology and the human visual gap detection and correction technology, we can solve the problem corrected splicing gap.

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