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HD LED display hard power and soft power

HD LED display hard power and soft power

Occupying core resources are: changes in product or service value to build and delivery processes, identify key resource scarcity or controlled, thereby gaining a competitive advantage in the value chain level.

LED display industry development so far, on the middle reaches of the cost of the basic components have been transparent, and its painstaking lower prices, better to reverse the direction and quality, after all, the product quality is the key factor in determining brand loyalty: LED display belong to continued use of the product, the customer will be formed for the quality of the brand awareness and recognition in the long-term use, the quality of the audience for the recognition and trust is the long-term interests of security.

Is the corporate brand and sales channel reach extends, is the focus of most companies rush, especially in the past two years, with LED display prices gradually civilians, continue to penetrate applications to commercial and residential areas, need to rely on market volume continued to drive growth . Meanwhile, the first-tier cities gradually saturated the market, LED display enterprises fought in second and third tier cities, for a time, the channel has become the brightest LED display manufacturers battleground.

LED display enterprises in the value chain resources placeholder except raw material supply, channel resources, several aspects of funding, human resources, equipment and other resources, but also the enterprises need to screen "footprint" of resources. Product value including the "hard" and "soft power" hard power refers to the product itself, "soft power" mainly refers to the brand product service and competitiveness;

LED display LED screen service work is to provide customers with enterprise "product" in the continuation of the course, the case of the LED display technology products, from installation and operation to maintenance are in need of professional knowledge and skills, so it's sale service is more important for customers. Marketing competitiveness refers to the company's marketing, advertising, public relations skills, strong marketing capability can result in higher brand awareness, cultivate a better user habits.

Brand Competitiveness refers to the degree of brand awareness and recognition value. A good brand image and form brand loyalty, bringing a premium brand. The past two years, LED display industry sustained price war in the gross margin down, it is also rapidly eliminated smaller LED display enterprises, the only brand to bring added value to the business. From the collapse of the LED display groups, we can see, exit the business are often lack of product features, brand Generic business, and after the storm but has survived enterprises are often popular brands, products, and Features distinctive corporate. Corporate or product brand equivalent card, immeasurable potential value, takes a long time and adhere to investment in order to create, is the purpose of business to settle down, but also the business truly sustainable competitiveness.

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