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Rental LED panel

rental LED panel
Product introduction:

Rental LED Panel includes Indoor and Outdoor LED panel, and there are Magic clear panel, Curtain wall panel, mesh LED panel, Raster screen, and Light bar panel rental services. The surface of cabinets is flat and uniform, with wide viewing angles, furthermore, every pixel is made of high quality CREE LED with long life span. Cabinet structure is made of steel frame and aluminium alloy, so it’s stable and undeformed.

Generally this kind of LED display of our company is made by SMD series products. Its main characters are:
1. It has passed the Stringent Rohs standard and it has 0 electromagnetic interference, high stability and reliability.
2. It is very light and simple, for the display body is made by SMD modules, which reduce greatly the weight and thickness of the display and thereby reduce the difficulties of the assembling.
3. It supports a variety of stock data base, and keeps it updating timely and makes it a clearer control.
4. The programming is simple and practical, and is compatible with the database entry system which ensures the real-time data transmission from multi-interface and multi-channel ports.
5. Meanwhile we use the cylinders to fix on the screen body, which facilitates greatly the installation and later maintenance.