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virtual pixel led display screen

virtual pixel led display screen

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Virtual pixel means that 2 red lamps 1 green lamp 1 blue lamp mixed, it could achieve virtual pixel. By the way, SMD have not virtual pixel, cause SMD just have three lamps, so it doesn’t get virtual pixel. As usual we know that virtual pixel is 4 times than physical pixel, actually it just has 2 times.
As far as we know, virtual pixel’s pitch is scattered, and physical pixel�?pitch is intensive, the light of virtual pixel is between tube and tube, and the light of physical is inside tube. Virtual pixel have three advantages as bellows: first of all , We use technique of virtual pixel cause its could improve the LED screen’s showing capability, in the same tube’s situation, virtual pixel is 4 times than physical pixel. Second of all, it could reduce the cost of LED screen (we could reduce 1/4 tube), use this technique, we also keep the screen’s capability of showing color. Last but not the least, it could lower tired feeling when people watch LED display. Because the luminous point is distribute uniformly. This technique is the best advanced of LED display.

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