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transparent mesh curtain LED display screen

transparent mesh curtain LED display screen

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LED Mesh transparent display's middle is hollow and transparent, basically it does not affect the natural lighting within the building. It can play a variety of multimedia video animation programs, and also can play a variety of changes in the effect of light and shade designed by professional designers, showing endless artistic charm
The advantages of the mesh transparent led display are:
1. Designed with features of transparency, lightweight and thinness, integration of power supply and control device, the LED frame video screen is fast to install or dismantle and flexible to use, reducing time and labor
2. Benefited from its synchronous video display, deep grey processing, rich color and vivid scene, it presents fantastic effect and artistic charm of digital stage background.
3. As large-area background display, it is mainly applied to top grade entertainment places, large-scale song and dance evenings, fashion shows, exhibitions, etc.
4. The mesh transparent led display is low weight, transparent and low cost.
5. Mesh transparent display is light and handy, easy to install, and it has moderate brightness, not only suitable for installation on stage, bars, hotel lobbies, restaurants and other high-grade indoor environment, but also suitable for installation in the building behind the glass curtain wall.
The most common use LED curtain display is P25mm, P31.25mm, P37.5mm & P40mm.

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