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traffic led display screen

traffic led display screen

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The traffic led display is become more and more popular for the its high brightness and long service life. The single color led display are the common used, and red, yellow, amber, green and other color can be elected.
The applications of the traffic led displays include:
1. Show the traffic signal: it common used to display the traffic signal, such as the red , green and yellow signals in the crossing of the road, to make the people and vehicle running ordering.
2. Show the traffic guidance: The led display show the simple picture, such as the arrow, to guide the driver driving to the aim place he want.
3. Show the limited speed: The led display can show the data about the limited speed of the road, especial for the highway. The limited speed sign can let the driver driving in the limited speed, and reduce the traffic annidents.
4. The information about the roard: it can show the information about the road, such as bend path, uphill and downhill path etc, and make driving safe.

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