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static LED display screen

static LED display screen

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The Static led display is a kind of led display which used the static scan method. The single foot of the driving IC controls single pixel, it needn’t the line control circuit, with the higher cost, good display effect, excellent stability and less brightness characters, and it is easy to debug and check.
The scan method:in a certain area of the screen, the rate between the number of the rows in light and the whole rows of the area is the scan method. If the rate is 1, the scan method is static method; If the rate is 2, the scan method is 1/2 scan; If the rate is 4, so the scan method is 1/4 scan etc. It is widely used in the outdoor full color led displays.
The static led display can be divided into static real pixel led display and static virtual pixel led display. The common used driving IC is HC595, MBI5024, MBI5026, MBI5042 etc.

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