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single color2R/1R 2W/1W,2G/1G 2B/1B,2A/1A,2Y/1Y

single color2R/1R 2W/1W,2G/1G 2B/1B,2A/1A,2Y/1Y

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Single color means that one lamp make up a module. Single red , single green, single blue. These is some standard by single color. Such as: p12.5, p14, p16 p18, p20, p22, p25. P10 is the smallest screen outdoor. P25 is applied for expressway. This type of screen is no need to play vivid picture, it just play figure, time, word. Showing transportation information, display system .For instance, its applied for many place, bank, supermarket, shop sign .What’s more, single LED display have not combining with cabinets, its indie cabinet. While, it’s convenient for carrying, its brightness is not arrived in full color LED display.
Except for lamps number, actually, others parameter are the same with full color LED display. Single color is used by DIP as usual. It’s a simple cabinet, and its cost is lower than full color display. But full color display is major trend in the market.

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