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semi-outdoor/indoor LED display screen

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Semi-outdoor/indoor led displays are a products which between the outdoor and indoor led displays. It have higher brightness than the indoor led displays, so it can be used in the higher brightness place, but not face the sunshine, can have good display effects. And always there will be a building department which can prevent the water drops fell on it above the screen, so always we can used the simple cabinet, so its IP grade is less than IP65.Compared to the outdoor led displays, it can the same viewing effect but cost less.
The semi-outdoor led display includes: semi-outdoor full color led display, semi-outdoor single color led display and semi-outdoor tri-color led display.
The pixel pitch include: P6mm, P7.62mm, P10mm, P12mm, P14mm, P16mm, P20mm and so on.
Application of the semi-outdoor led display: it widely used in the bus station, shop signboards, bank securities, super market, school, walking street, campus and community etc.
�?For the bus station application: the most common used were P6 single color led displays and P7.62 tri-color led display, it always used to display information of the running of the bus.
�?For the bank securities application: P7.62 tri-color led display were widely used to display the exchange rate of the renminbi and foreign currency, short time、medium and long-term interest loan, interests on deposit and other financial information, etc.
�?For the super market、walking street and community application: more and more people would like to use full color video led displays, it can display the new production in the market, the promotion activities and staff requirements, etc.
�?For the school and campus: the single color led display were the widely used, it always display the activities of the campus, the weather information, campus notice, holiday information ,etc.

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