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rental LED display screen

rental LED display screen

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Rental led display has become more and more popular in the market, it widely used for the stage, concert, exhibition, sport Competition, commercial fair, government activity, touring show big party and other commercial activity.
The features of the rental led display:
1. Durable: solid aluminum structure to meet the requirements of thousands time of assemble and disassemble.
2.Easy Installation & Using:Easy hanging structure support fast installation.
3. Top industrial power and data connector from Neutral enhance the stability for whole system.
4. Clear vivid image quality: Even in direct, full-on sunlight to ensure you attract more audience to get short ROI of your LED display screen's investment.
5.Convenient Servicing: Front and rear cabinet access makes the maintenance work very convenient and low cost to help you concentrate more time and energy on your main marketing promotion business.
6. The weight: the rental led displays couldn’t be heavy.
Normally, for easily assemble and disassemble in rental business, the fast lock ,aluminum hanging cabinet , hanging truss bar ,video processor, optical fiber convertor and so on fixture always recommended.
The common used installation of the rental led display is hanging install.

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