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plaza LED display screen

plaza LED display screen

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Plaza led display named as it install at the plaza or square, and for the widely viewing area, this led display always at big size, often used to display the advertising, sports events broadcast, TV programs and other significant events.
It mainly installed at: government squares, leisure squares, exhibition center, large entertainment squares, bustling commercial centers and etc. places.
The features of the plaza led display include:
(1) Multiplied file formats (AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB), 3 display modes(VGA+VIDE and VGA). There are also interfaces for Sound signal and video signal.
(2) 4096 grade grey control system and the color is over 16.7 millions, and the brightness, contrast, saturation, chrome can be adjusted by manual and sensor, whose scope is 256 grade.
(3) Can be connected with PC and the web net and show the content, and also can be controlled remotely via VPM+ADSL.
(4) Can be used outdoor in all kinds of weather, and excellent capability of antisepsis, waterproof
(5) The plaza led display are common installed at pillar installation, one pillar and two pillar can be elected.

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