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outdoor 5000-5500-6000-6500-7000-8500-9000-9500-10000 nit(cd/sqm)

outdoor 5000-5500-6000-6500-7000-8500-9000-9500-10000 nit(cd/sqm)

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For outdoor use, at least 5,000 nits are required for most situations. Whereas higher brightness types of led displays can up to 7,500 nits, so they can cope the high brightness place even face the sunshine.
Because of the high brightness requirements, the outdoor led display are built using the DIP ( dual inline-package) led lamps, but as the developed of the SMD technology in the recent years, more and more outdoor led display used the SMD lamps.
From the traditional SMD 3528 to the new-style SMD5050, not only increased the size of the led chips and make its brightness gets greatly improved, but also increased the viewing angle. what’s the important is increasing the altitude of the lamp, make it can be encapsulate with the gulewater, and protect the screen from the water completely as the DIP led displays.

The feature of the outdoor led displays as follows:

1. With the brightness higher than 5,000cd/sq.m, outdoor LED display is able to be installed in different environments, besides that, out display can change the brightness automatically upon the multifunction card.

2. With unique water- proof design, the cabinet is qualified for IP65 ingress level and is able to be directly installed in outdoor and our products even can be able to operate in coastal place with high temperature and high salt degree.

3. With operating temperature between -20 degree to 60 degree, LED display is able to be installed in any hostile environments, such as the tropical regions and cold area.

4. On the aspects of design, the display working humidity can be 50%-100%, we confirm environmental protection and energy saving philosophy.

5. Supporting remote wireless and lined centralized control management, one monitor centre is able to control several LED advertising displays

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