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front-maintaned front maintaince LED display screen

front-maintaned front maintaince LED display screen

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Front maintenance led display is a kind of led display which maintains through the front of the screen body.
The front maintenance includes module front maintenance and cabinet front maintenance:
①Cabinet front maintenance: you can open the cabinet from the front,and maintain the led display by replace the broke modules or other parts.
It is a easy maintenance method, and widely used in the wall-mounted led display, mobile trailer led display and double-sided led display.

②Module front maintenance: in this kind of led display, the screw came from the front of the module and fixed the module with the cabinet, so you can uninstall the modules from the cabinet without open the cabinet.
It is a little difficult to operate this maintenance, so it won’t use at usual, except for the customer’s requirements.
In fact, the most used maintenance method is the cabinet back maintenance, which replace the broke modules and other parts through the door in the back of the cabinet.

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