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ceiling installation LED display screen

ceiling installation LED display screen

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Ceiling:This installation is used for the size of the led display under 10 square meters. And there is no wall for the led display to install. What’s important is that there must have the best place for install, such as crossing bridge or lintel. The ceiling must have the capacity to support the screen body. If the bearing ceiling is concrete, we can use the standard hook fitting. If the bearing department is the hanging beam, we will use the steel wire rope to trice it.
The way of install the led display is as follows:
�?Make sure the support capacity of the ceiling or hanging beam. According to the weight of the unit area, we can figure out the total weight of the screen.
�?After step 1, according to the actual needs of the customers, we should measure the installation position and make a record for the information. And and marked on the roof or other fixed parts clearly.
�?According to the height of the screen, designed the hanging fitting dimension and quantites.
�?Fixed the hanging fitting
�?Install the display: we should make the LED display install at the same level. The groud level’s difference of the two size must less than 5mm.

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