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ad. advertising comercial advertising led display screen

ad. advertising comercial advertising led display screen

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The most main usage of the led display is commercial advertising. And for the good advertising effects, the owner of the led display can get a hung of customers who make the advertisement on the screen, and get advertising revenue. This also is why the led display developed fast in the recent years.
The feartures of the commerical advertising led display include:
1. High definition: the resolution of the display can be millions, have clearly and vivid display effect even when display the video.
2. superior uniformity:we solved the mosaic problem well, so than image consistency across a display is excellent
3. Extra-high brightness and can be adjustable: It can meet the needs for different environment applications]
4. Better viewing experience: can show clear vivid text, picture and video
5. Easy maintenance: can be maintained by single pixel,the cost of which is low
The common used outdoor advertising led displays include: P10mm, P12mm, P16mm, P20mm, and P25mm full color video led display etc.
The common used indoor advertising led displays include: P6mm, P8mm and P10mm full color video led display.

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