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PH7.62mm led display screen

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PH7.62 led display is one of the main used specification fo the indoor led display, SMD3528 with the features of high brightness,short viewing distance,big size,high defination,small pixel pitch make the indoor SMD display be an ideal advertising in all indoor advertising field.The viewing distance can be as short as 1 meters, as far as 200 meters, has a overwhelming advantage to LCD panels.with the current technology, we can supply the customer with this specification, besides , the PH6mm indoor led display can have the good effect with a better price.With the continuous LED chip brightiness improving and cost lowering,the indoor SMD PH7.62mm LED will definetly be more and more popularized in the coming years.PH7.62 can be both 3rgb led display without virtual effect and 4rgb with the virtual effect. the module of the PH7.62 is32*16 and the pixel density is 17222. the module size is 244*122, the cabinet size is976*976.

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