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PH40mm led display screen

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1. Physical Pixel Pitch: 40 mm
2. Physical Pixel Density: 625 dots/m2
3. LED type: DIP 546
4. Pixel configuration�?R1G1B
5. Module Size: 900mm*900mm
6. Module resolution: 24*24 dots
7. Cabinet size: 900mm*900mm
8. Cabinet resolution: 24*24
9. Max. power consumption: 250 W/sq.m
10. Min. viewing distance: 24m
11. Brightness: �?2000CD/m2
12. IP grade: IP65 front side/IP54 back side
13. Operation Humidity (RH): 0-95%
14. Operating temperature (Celsius degree): -20�?55 degree
15. Servicing: front and back
16. Power supply: 100-240V/50-60HZ
17. LED Drive: constant-current drive

1). The seller is responsible for permanent maintenance of the panel. During the guarantee period, the maintenance is free of charge (except the defectiveness resulted from man-made damage or force majeure).
2).Guarantee time: 3 years quality guarantee(guarantee period), and we will provide free parts for replacement if any problem belong to us during this period; after the guarantee period, the seller should provide spare parts for replacement based on cost charge.
3).During the guarantee period the buyer can return the defective components due to technical or quality problems to the seller. The seller is obligated to finish fixing within 5 working days after receiving, and send it back to the buyer without any repairing charge (but the buyer has to pay the delivery cost).
4) Free training: You could send your engineers who have some knowledge of electronics and computer to our factory and we will provide one week free of charge training of how to maintain and repair.
5) 15 working days after receiving the deposit (for standard product models); 20 working days after receiving the deposit (for special product models).
6). Payment term: T/T 50% as deposit before production, T/T 50% balance before delivery.

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