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NICHIA COCTO CREE Japanese USA LED chip brand

NICHIA  COCTO CREE Japanese USA LED chip brand

Related introduction

LED-light emitting diode, it is a solid semiconductor devices, can transform the electric energy into the light energy directly.
There are many led chips manufacturer in the world. Follows the main led chip manufacturers:
1. Overseas led manufacturers: CREE(USA), HP(USA), NICHIA(Japan), SDK, SMILEDS, TOSHIBA(Japan), LUMILEDS, GENELITE, OSRAM, SSC and EPIVALLEY etc.
2. Taiwan led manufacturers: EPISTAR, HUGA, GENESIS PHOTONICS, AOC, TEKCORE, HPO, HL, ED, TK, TC and VPEC etc.
3. Mainland led manufacturers: S, EPILIGHT, SL, LM and other companies.
The heart of the led is a semi-conductor chip, one side of it attachs to a bracket,it is cathode; The other side connects to the anode of the power source. and the other size. The semi-conductor include two parts, one part is p type conductor where the hole dominat it; The other part is N type conductor where the major is electron. So when the two semi-conductors connected, it will form a “P-N�? when the current through the wire in the role of the chip, electron will be flow to P, and occupy the hole in it, then emit the energy in the form of photon, this is the principle of led. And the wavelength of light is the color of light, also it is decided by the materials and P-N .

NICHIA COCTO CREE Japanese USA LED chip brand

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