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3-sided 3 side three side LED display screen

3-sided 3 side three side led display screen

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The three-sided led display is which we can called as mobile led display or truck trailer led display, Because it install at the two sides and rear of the truck, so the people from 3 different directions will get a clear view. And the three-sided led display is a very fast growing fields in the market. It has become very popular in advertising field and attracts more and more attention than the fixed led display.
The features of the three-sided led display:
1. The LED display are built-into the body of the truck on all sides with at most care to resist against shocks when being driven around
2. Three-Sided Truck LED Display with 50/60Hz Input Power Frequency and Vertical Viewing angles.
3. Ideal solution for mobile advertising
4. High brightness (adjustable), meets the need of the changing requirement of customer in environment
5. With good lightening accordance and no mosaic
6. Horizontal angle and elevation angle : 100 degrees/ 45 degrees
7. Any LED in each pixel can be respectively repaired, which reduce the cost of the display maintenance

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